About Us

"Come in, slow down & feel like home"! In July 2017 we spontaneously fulfilled a dream and opened our own little café in the heart of Berlin-Friedrichshain. Coffee and cake was the plan, but now you can also have breakfast and lunch here or eat great sourdough sandwiches. We always consider vegetarians and vegans in our menu.

When we had to close our café in 2020/2021 due to the corona pandemic, we started to look creatively for alternatives. In addition to CAKES BY ORDER - you can pre-order delicious cakes and pick them up in the café - we also offer small delicacies for shipping. And now we even design sweatshirts and who knows what else will come ... :)

Our café

Sonntagstrasse 29
D-10245 Berlin

Currently closed due to COVID-19! For news visit us on Instagram!